Veterans Information

McLennan welcomes active duty service members, veterans and their families to its campus. We want you to achieve your educational goals and are here to help you transition to college life and manage any personal issues that arise from serving our country.

McLennan is a Service members Opportunity College (SOC) campus, which means we're a military-friendly institution with flexible policies that allow mobile service members and their families to complete degrees rather than just accumulate course credit.

If you're a veteran or dependent of a veteran, the information on this site will help you get started at McLennan. If you have other questions, please contact Financial Aid, at 254-299-8698 or 

Becoming a Student

  • Step 1 - Apply to McLennan

    Degree and certificate options at MCC have been organized into Academic Pathways. Please review our Academic Pathways prior to applying to McLennan.

    How to submit your application:

    Apply Online. Computers are available for your convenience in Highlander Central in the Enrollment Services Center on campus.

    If you DID NOT attend MCC during the last year, you must submit an updated application. If you have any questions about whether you should or should not submit an updated application, please contact Highlander Central on campus in the Enrollment Services Center, by email at, or by phone at 254-299-8622.

    Please note: Applications received via ApplyTexas are typically processed and reviewed within 24-48 hours, however, during busy times, it may take longer.

    After you apply to MCC, you can start on the steps to becoming a student immediately. The steps do not need to be completed in the order they appear on the website, but you will want to make an appointment with an advisor as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment, please call 254-299-8614, email or drop by Advising & Career Services in the Student Services Center, 2nd floor, during regular business hours.

  • Step 2 - Apply for McLennan scholarships and financial aid

    We encourage you to apply for both MCC Scholarships and Financial Aid.

    MCC Scholarships

    Even if you do not think you will be eligible for a scholarship, it doesn't hurt to try, right? Through gracious gifts from our many friends, the MCC Foundation is able to award more than 400 scholarships each year. Please visit the MCC Foundation’s Scholarship page to learn more and find out how to apply.

    Federal Student Aid (including the Pell grant, work-study opportunities, and loans)

    When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), use McLennan’s Federal School Code 003590 on the application.

    About 70 percent of MCC students qualify for some sort of financial aid. MCC’s Financial Aid Office provides students with information about the types of financial aid available and how to apply for financial assistance.

    In order to apply for federal financial aid, you need to fill out the online FAFSA application. Filling out this application can sometimes be complicated. For more information, follow these 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA or visit MCC’s Steps to Financial Aid.

    Deadlines for applying for Federal Financial Aid:

    • Fall semester: June 1
    • Spring semester: Nov. 1
    • Summer terms: April 1

    Questions? Email

  • Step 3 - Submit Transcripts
    Submit required transcripts
    • If you have graduated from high school and have not attended another college or university, you are required to submit your official transcript or GED scores. Contact your previous school or a GED office to order your official transcript.
      Learn more.
    • If you have attended another college or university previously, you are required to submit all of your college transcripts.

    Many high schools, colleges, and universities offer transcript requests via their website. Also, you may try to find out if your previous school participates through this website.

    • Transcripts may be submitted by mail or in person. In many cases, high schools and colleges will send transcripts directly to MCC, if requested.
    • Or you may submit your transcript(s) in person to Highlander Center in the Enrollment Services Center (Look for the big “Start Here” banner on the front of the building.)
    • Or submit your transcript(s) by mail to:
      By Mail:
      Highlander Central
      McLennan Community College
      1400 College Drive
      Waco, TX 76708

    Provide Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Immunization
    • If you are under the age of 22, Texas law requires you to show proof of immunization against bacterial meningitis before you may attend classes.
    • You may acquire an exemption from the immunization by filling out and submitting this form. You will need to print the form and submit it to Highlander Central or your advisor before you will be able to register for classes.
    • Review the complete requirements and how to submit documentation on MCC’s bacterial meningitis page.

    Submit test scores

    According to the Texas Success Initiative, all students are required to submit test scores that show college readiness in reading, mathematics, and writing, unless the student qualifies for an exemption. See if you qualify for an exemption.

    If you took your test somewhere other than MCC’s Testing Center, you will need to submit your test scores in person to Highlander Central or your advisor.

    • Or submit by mail to:
      Highlander Central
      McLennan Community College
      1400 College Drive
      Waco, TX 76708

    Options for taking the test:

    • Register and pay the testing fee ($28.50) online at MCC’s Register Blast. Choose TSI Assessment (for the group and the exam).
    • Or pay a $25 testing fee to the MCC Business Office in the Administration building on campus and take your receipt to the Testing Center to schedule a time for your test.

    College Credit for Heroes

    College Credit For Heroes is a partnership between the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to ensure that active duty, former and retired military personnel receive the credit they earned for their service to our country.

    You can use the College Credit For Heroes website to request an evaluation of military educational experience that may count toward your college degree.

    Military Transcripts

    All active duty, reserve, and veteran students must submit any military transcripts awarded. Military transcripts for Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy transcripts should be requested at Click through until you see the “Joint Services Transcript” page; register and request an official military transcript. Air Force students must request transcripts from the Community College of the Air Force, at

  • Step 4 - Complete VA forms


    • Fill out VA Form 22-1990 (if you have never used VA Education benefits before) or VA form 22-1995 (if you have used VA Education benefits at another school and now wish to use them at McLennan). These are available through the Education Benefits Application Process ( Follow the instructions to log in (you may need to create a username and password first) and select the appropriate form when given that option.
    • Submit a copy of your DD 214 or NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility) to the VA Specialist.


    • Fill out VA Form 22-5490 (if you have never used VA Education benefits before) or VA form 22-5495 (if you have used VA Education benefits at another school and now wish to use them at McLennan). These are available through the Education Benefits Application Process ( Follow the instructions to log in (you may need to create a username and password first) and select the appropriate form when given that option.
  • Step 5 - Check Hazlewood Eligibility and complete a Hazlewood Application if needed

    All Hazlewood applications must be turned in with the appropriate documentation. For more information, please see the above link, “Hazlewood Eligibility” or the first page of the Hazlewood application for first-time users.

  • Step 6 - Turn in your Certificate of Eligibility to the McLennan VA Coordinator.

    Turn in your Certificate of Eligibility to the McLennan VA Coordinator. This is the letter from the VA that verifies you are eligible for benefits such as Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606 or 1607.

  • Step 7 - Visit Academic Advising

    Academic advising is an important part of your education at McLennan. In fact, it is mandatory to visit your academic advisor each semester.

    An academic advisor is assigned to you according to your Pathway in order to assist you in achieving your academic goals. The academic advisor’s task is to guide you toward success and completing your desired degree plan. College is a new experience for most students, and it is different from high school or the workplace. Your advisor can assist you in making the transition, allowing you to get the most out of your time at McLennan.

    Who is my advisor?

    All new students will initially meet with an academic advisor after applying to McLennan.

    To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, call (254) 299-8614, email , or stop by Advising and Career Services on the second floor of the Student Services Center.


    All students who are new to McLennan Community College must complete the online New Student Orientation and the New Student Orientation (in-person) offered by Advising & Career Services at MCC. During the New Student Orientation (in-person), you’ll establish meaningful relationships with your peers as well as with faculty and staff members dedicated to supporting you throughout your academic journey at MCC. You’ll also engage with campus traditions and familiarize yourself with the campus as part of the New Student Orientation Tour. You can register for New Student Orientation at

  • Step 8 - Fulfill testing requirements

    Paying for Classes

    By now, you should have applied to MCC through ApplyTexas, met with an advisor, submitted all required documents, and applied for financial assistance. If you have completed all of these steps, you should be registered and ready to pay for your classes.

    4 options for paying your tuition & fees:

    • Online: Checks and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) are accepted 24/7 through WebAdvisor.
    • By mail: Make checks payable to MCC and write the student’s MCC ID number on the check. Mail to MCC Business Office, 1400 College Drive, Waco, TX 76708.
    • On campus: Cash, credit cards, checks, or cashier’s check are accepted at the MCC Business Office on campus (Mondays-Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
    • Payment Plan: To set up a payment plan, go to WebAdvisor and find “All Payment Options (Pay Now)” under the heading Financial Information. If you have questions, please call the MCC Business Office at 254-299-8627.

    New Student Orientation

    MCC offers a two-part new student orientation program that is both educational and fun! It is important that you complete all of the other previous steps before registering for orientation. Also, when you meet with your advisor, he or she can help you register for New Student Orientation.

    If you have already met with your advisor, you may start Part I of New Student O​r​i​e​n​t​a​t​i​o​n​ (online). When you have completed Part I, you may register for Part II of New Student O​r​i​e​n​t​a​t​i​o​n​ (face-to-face). Good luck & Go Highlanders!

  • Step 9 - Additional Information and Help
  • Step 10 - Register and Choosing Classes
    1. Log into WebAdvisor. For login instructions, click here.
    2. Check your registration eligibility and acknowledge the college's payment Terms and Conditions.
    3. For detailed instructions on how to register, click here. Having trouble getting into or registering in Student Planning? Click here for troubleshooting.
      (Please note that if you have any past-due balances, you must pay those in the Business Office before you will be allowed to register for classes.)

    * All students in their first year of college must sign up for PSYC 1100 or EDUC 1100 during their first semester.

    Special Notes:

    1. VA benefits cover only courses that are on your current degree plan.
    2. VA benefits cannot be used for classes you have already taken and passed with a letter grade of A, B, C, or D
    3. If you are taking developmental (or remedial) courses, you must take on-campus courses. Your VA benefits will not pay for online developmental courses.
    4. VA benefits will not pay for Physical Education courses, but credit for those courses can be gained by turning in an eligible DD 214 to Highlander Central.
  • Step 11 - Complete the Request for Benefits

    The Request for Benefits (RfB) alerts the VA Specialist that the student has registered and their schedule is finalized. Upon receipt of the RfB, the VA Specialist will evaluate the student's schedule and submit all eligible classes to the VA for certification, thus ensuring that the VA begins payment for the semester at the appropriate time. Therefore, the RfB should be completed after your class schedule is finalized, but before classes begin, if at all possible. RfBs will be processed in the order in which they are received.

    Request for Benefits Application
  • Step 12 - Payment Term Agreement
    Video Tutorial: Paying for Classes

    Payment Term Agreement

    All students must agree to the Terms and Conditions each semester prior to registering for classes. This agreement will automatically appear in Student Planning before you select your classes.

    • You must pay your tuition and fees by the payment deadline or you will be dropped from your classes. If your financial aid has not been processed and posted in WebAdvisor, you will need to make other arrangements to pay for tuition and fees to avoid being dropped.
    • If you received financial aid, your tuition and fees will be automatically deducted from your awards. Check-in WebAdvisor. (See Using WebAdvisor for Financial Information.) You are responsible for paying any tuition and fees not covered by your financial aid awards.
    • Choose how you want to pay tuition and fees:
      1. Online payment plan
        Payment plans are available for fall, spring, and summer terms for a $25 fee. You can see the specific payment options in WebAdvisor by selecting All Payment Options under Financial Information.
        (Payment plans are available for FlexTrack classes.)
      2. Credit card, check, cashier’s check, or money order
        Pay through WebAdvisor, mail, or in person at the business office in the Administration building.
      3. Cash
        Pay in person at the business office in the Administration building.

    For instructions about making payments or setting up a payment plan, see Using WebAdvisor for Financial Information.

    Special Notes:

    • If you have Ch. 35 or 30 and reserve benefits, you will not receive any VA money until the end of the first month of enrollment. So you MUST set up financial aid or a payment plan with McLennan to pay for classes before the payment deadline.
    • If you have the Post-9/11 GI Bill, be sure you have turned in your Certificate of Eligibility and completed your Request for Benefits at least 10 business days before the payment deadline so that your benefits are available in time to pay for tuition.
  • Step 13 - Get ready to attend classes
  • Step 14 - Buy books
    • To find out what books you need, go to WebAdvisor after you have registered for classes and select McLennan Online Bookstore (and enter semester info) or My Class Schedule (click on the buy books box) to view a list of textbooks.
    • You have two options for purchasing books:
      1. Order or rent your books online in WebAdvisor under Buy My Books. Select your books and a payment method (including financial aid). You’ll receive an email telling you where to pick up the books, usually about one week before classes start.
      2. Buy or rent books in person at the McLennan Bookstore, where you can also find McLennan apparel and gifts.
    • If you know that your VA benefits will not be processed before you need to purchase books, you have the option to apply for a short-term loan from McLennan to help pay for books. You can get the application form at Highlander Central. You will be able to purchase books with your Highlander One student ID card about 3-4 days after you complete the application.